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Wordlight Fellowship @ The year 1989 is the year I laid the foundation for Wordlight Fellowship when I received my degree in Systematic Theology. This first Wordlight Fellowship website gives us the history of Israel, the revelation of the coming Messiah born of the seed of the woman (Genesis 3:15) whom was Mary, the birth and naming of Jesus, his death & resurrection, his confirmation as the Messiah of Mankind & Lord of the Cosmos on the day of Pentecost shortly after his ascension into heaven to the right hand of power next to Almighty God our Father.
The Apostle Paul reveals the Mystery of our fellowship with God, Jesus & one another by the gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit by Grace since the day of Pentecost.

The second Wordlight Fellowship website is @ ONE. This site gives us the core doctrines of the Faith as revealed to the Apostle Paul in the Church Epistles.
These are given in easy to read separate categories.
Wordlight Fellowship also has a third website @ Sacred Secret.
This website is dedicated to the light of the administration in which we now live – the Administration of the Sacred Secret of spiritual birth of holy spirit, which is Christ in YOU.

This year – 2013 - the Wordlight Research Fellowship is giving the details of OUR Spiritual Birthright as revealed by the Apostle Paul in the Church Epistles. This is original research teaching and Wordlight Fellowship is pleased to offer the historical and spiritual details to help YOU ”Cast off the works of Darkness & Put on the Armor of Light – Romans 13:14 and also help YOU in your endeavor to walk in the spirit of which we are born once we believe God has raised Jesus from the dead & confess Jesus is Lord of the Cosmos.

This new research requires you read Wordlight Fellowship Website #1, #2 & #3 before going on to read and study Our Spiritual Birthright. This research will be available shortly to help with the work of the ministry. Be on the lookout later this year for the release of this research for your edification.

Your’s in the Bonds of Fellowship – James

This Year – 2013 – Let us endeavor to LOVE God our Father, Jesus our Lord & ONE Another with all our heart, all our strength & with all our mind – And Endeavor to Walk in the light of OUR Spiritual Birth of holy spirit and Endeavor the Keep Unity of Fellowship in the Bond of Peace Amen 

Now available:  Read the preview to the new 2013 Wordlight Fellowship E-Book @ 

Life & Our Spiritual Birthright

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